Technology Helping Property Management
Companies Overcome Challenges

Keeping your leasing, management teams, and residents safe while effectively managing your communities during these tumultuous times can be challenging.  CTS is here to help!  Here are some ways we are helping our property management clients during the COVID-19 outbreak.

What CTS is doing

We’ve setup 26 properties for clients in Arizona and Colorado with rental laptops for their communities. To ensure the safety of their leasing teams, some will be working out of their model units using temporary laptops and “pay as you go” jet packs with unlimited 4G LTE data. This will allow them to continue their work and be available for on-site needs while practicing social distancing from other members of their team who will be in the office(s).

We’ve also setup 17 additional properties in Texas and Florida with rental laptops and placed them in their Leasing Offices for guest use. The goal was making them available to residents to apply for unemployment or other benefits as they seek assistance during this difficult time.

Our property management clients in New Jersey, Delaware and Missouri needed to equip their regional directors with updated working laptops to work from home.  We were able to collaborate with their in-house IT department to get them what they needed in two days.

We’re ready to help you…

If any of these solutions interest you for any of your properties, we can get rental laptops shipped to your properties in two days for $75 per month (30-day rental) plus shipping. When you are done with them, just ship them back to us (return shipping label provided). We will also include complimentary access to our 24/7/365 U.S.-based help desk support on our laptops as well.

Let us know if you need assistance for any of your properties, including your headquarters. If you already have a game plan in place, that’s great! On behalf of CTS, we hope you and your team, your residents, and loved ones remain safe during these unprecedented times!

Contact us…

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