fake coronavirus phone app

fake coronavirus phone app

A fake coronavirus tracking app is actually ransomware that threatens to leak social media accounts and delete a phone's storage unless a victim pays $100 in bitcoin

Hackers are preying on people's fears and developing mobile apps to track the virus on their phones. As of now, this appears to be an Android only application with the name of COVID19 Tracker. It is just one example of ransomware that masks itself around a real-time coronavirus map tracker, according to researchers. If the user grants the app access to specific phone settings, such as storage, the ransomware is enabled and locks the user out of their phone unless they pay $100 in bitcoin to the hacker within 48 hours. If the victim doesn't comply, the ransomware threatens to delete all data on the phone, including photos, and leak social media account information that is stored on the phone.

The website hosting the ransomware has been taken down however their is a possibility the application could be copied by other hackers and released on other websites. Always make sure to pay attention to any security notifications when installing android applications and only provide minimal access permissions when possible.


SEE THE FULL ARTICLE HERE: https://www.businessinsider.com/coronavirus-fake-app-ransomware-malware-bitcoin-android-demands-ransom-domaintools-2020-3

UPDATE 3/19/20!!! 

If you were unfortunate enough to fall victim to the malicious Coronavirus Tracker app for Android, we’ve got some good news: You can unlock your phone without paying the Bitcoin ransom.

Researchers from security firm ESET have noticed the hackers hard-coded the ransomware key. Even better: After digging into the code, the researchers were able to extract key. To remove the malicious app, simply enter the following code: 4865083501.